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Women In the Automotive Space- Soaring to Greater Heights!

I am thrilled to share that women in the aftermarket space are soaring through the ranks of numerous companies with tremendous success. In today’s market, women are leading aftermarket companies, retail locations as well as creating economic milestones that are not going unnoticed. Women are shattering the stereotypical images of women that relegate
them to car models and simple objects of attraction.


Women are forging forward not only as trailblazers, but as industry leaders. In our modern context, Women comprise almost half of the American Workforce as of 2022. The automotive industry has one of the smallest percentages of women in the work force. According to an article from, women make up less than a quarter of the
automotive labor force. The fact that women are breaking the glass ceiling in the automotive
industry is empowering.


Women are Presidents/Vice Presidents of leading manufacturing companies, Market Leaders at automotive Fortune 500 companies, as well as Entrepreneurs and business leaders carving their way into the industry. There is not a leadership position in the automotive space that women have not tapped into. This is a proud moment for women in the automotive industry. Women in the automotive industry have created a rich tapestry of connection and growth that lends to more involvement from the younger generation. Check out a few of these automotive leaders below:

Automotive Leaders

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